Big Country Seeds is Eastern Iowa' leader in de-icing products. Check out these great products:


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One of the best products on the market. Formulated for enhanced performance with a synergistic blend of magnesium and sodium. Melts snow and ice down to -5º F/-20º C. Contains a corrosion inhibitor and is environmentally safe. Purple dyed to assist in even distribution.

ICE AWAY TURBO - only available at Big Country Seeds!

10 icebuster_bag   4 way melting material - Magnesium, Calcium, Sodium & Potassium Chlorides - provides instant melting. Melts snow and ice down to -20º. Biodegradable and blue dyed provide the assurance everyone is after.


hammerMelts the worst of snow and ice in minutes! Works fast up -15º weather. 2 way melting material, Propel & bio-based Fusion. Small particles reduces dust and eases spreading.


triplemeltbag300The faster an ice melter works, the less chance there is for a mishap to occur. That’s why TRIPLE MELT® contains two patented accelerating agents. TRIPLE MELT® has been shown in Strategic Highway Research Program testing, to exceed the melt value of a theoretical 50% calcium chloride blend.



Make short work of snow removal with the highest quality snow shovel on the market today. 

Available in 24", 30", 36" and 48" blades.

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