Big Country Seeds is Eastern Iowa' leader in de-icing products. Check out these great products:

PRO MELT "Eco-Friendly" De-Icer 

Available in 20# bags, 50# pails and 12# jugs

Lowest unit prices ever!



283 aspen-50lbOne of the best products on the market. Formulated for enhanced performance with a synergistic blend of magnesium and sodium. Melts snow and ice down to -7*F/-21*C. Contains a corrosion inhibitor and is environmentally safe.



freezguard100% magnesium chloride product that is least corrosive of all chlorides. Contains powerful ice pentrating crystals that melts snow and ice down to -25*F/-32*C. Environmentally safe.



ProIceMelterTriple screened tech-grade granules will melt snow and ice down to -12*F and resists re-freezing. Safer product for plants and environmentally safe. When applied correctly with the Blue AccuFlow pattern indicator, it will leave no oil residue.




Make short work of snow removal with the highest quality snow shovel on the market today. 

Available in 24", 30", 36" and 48" blades.

50536 snow_plow


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