Another fine herbicide from DOW AgroSciences, SureStart is designed to maximize yields in Roundup ready corn. It's designed with three modes of action to knock out even the toughest glyphosate-resistant and tolerant weeds and with application flexibility from preplant all the way to 11" tall corn.

From DOW AgroSciences, is a new pre-emergent herbicide that provides broad-spectrum foundational control of broadleaf weeds in Roundup Ready soybeans. Sonic contains two powerful active ingredients with two unique modes of action to help manage glyphosate resistance and control early season, yield-robbing weed competition.

New Corvus with WeatherShield from Bayer, provides consistent one-pass weed control from burndown to early postemergence and is effective against even the toughest glyphosate-resistant weeds.

Laudis from Bayer, gives you the power to control tough broadleaves and grasses. Laudis herbicide is a systemic herbicide that provides postemergence control of your toughest grass and broadleaf weeds in all types of corn. It combines the power of an active ingredient, along with a highly effective safener, to deliver powerful weed control in harmony with your corn - and future cropping plans.