Fair Ball Conditioner

Fair Ball High-Density Infield Conditioner
is engineered to stay in place, provide more
coverage, and provide less particle breakdown, equating to less applications than any other calcined on the market. Fair Ball is designed to last longer and go further, making it extremely economical. The volume of recommended product per infield is also greatly reduced from industry standards, providing the end-user opportunities to apply Fair Ball on more fields.
50 lb. bags

ProSlide Professional Top Dressing

Recommended for intermediate to professional level. 6 x 30 gradation, smaller particle size. Available in brown or red material color.
50 lb. bags

ProDry Conditioner

ProDry Infield Conditioner is engineered to quickly remove standing water. As a result of the screening process, which removes very fine particles and dust, this product can be dragged in the following day without compromising the integrity of your infield skin. ProDry is not simply the gathered spoils of other materials. In addition to water removal, the gradation also provides opportunity for applications to highly visible skinned areas to display a very clean, finely manicured appearance without creating a layering effect.
50 lb. bags

BlackStick Mound Clay

BlackStickTM, our Ultimate Professional
Mound Clay, goes through extensive
preparation prior to the bagging process. We
have done the rigorous prep work already so
your crews don't need to spend time and ef-
fort struggling with pure unprocessed gumbo clay on-site. The Gumbo is pre-screened to a 1/8” minus, then goes through a process where moisture is added and blended thoroughly prior to bagging. It is dark gray in color and our most durable mound clay with extreme packing density.
50 lb. bags

ProSlide Professional Conditioner

Recommended for recreational to intermediate level.
4 x 30 gradation, larger particle size.
50 lb. bags

ProSlide Platinum Conditioner

ProSlide Professional Infield Conditioner is engineered to present a professional appearance and provide less migration due to a higher density particle. The reduction of fines in the screening process pro- vides a more even coverage and less contamination. Greater hardness also reduces breakdown which results in a longer lasting particle that stays on top.
50 lb. bags

DuraEdge Engineered Infield Mixes

Dura-Edge Professional Infield Mix is a blend of 60% sand, 18% silt, and 22% clay. It has the highest clay content of DuraEdge infield mixes which helps creates a firm, corky, playing surface. DuraEdge Professional requires access to water to manage the moisture content of the field.
50 lb. bags

DuraEdge ProLoc Mound Bricks

DuraPitch Premium Mound Clay

Moisture-balanced Gumbo clay that's ready
for play right out of the bag. Durapitch Professional is brownish-gray, with a clay content of 50-70%. It's our most durable mound clay.
50 lb. bags

Field Chalk