Small Flake:
Small Flake shavings have a particle size for quickest absorption. They have an average weight of 40+ lbs per bag and are 3.0 cubic feet, 45 bags/pallet, 990/full load. This product works great for: stables, dairy and livestock trailers. Picks and cleans easy.

Bagged Shavings
Big Country Seeds is proud to distribute Pine Products quality animal bedding. Be assured that the Small Flake will provide the best in wood shavings. Big Country Seeds has chosen to distribute for Pine Products since they built a business over the past 20 years by producing quality products and building long lasting customer relationships. Expect the best in wood shavings that are available in 6.0 cu. ft bags. All of our bags are 100% Natural Pine and low in dust. The Small Flake bagged wood shavings from Big Country Seeds are palletized and shrink wrapped and can be packaged for outdoor storage.